One of my passions is music photography and it is where many of my photographic roots lie! One of the reasons I was able to set myself up as a freelance photographer was because I was given some huge opportunities in the music industry. Over the past few years I have had the privilege of photographing numerous talented musicians from up-and-coming artists right through to world-renowned acts.

I approach music photography with the same keen eye for detail as I would a wedding or a portrait shoot. Essentially I approach all of my photography with the aim of documenting events. For music photography that might involve documenting the events happening during a performance on stage as well as capturing the goings on before and after.

I have a great deal of experience of photographing events and festivals and also collaborating with artists to document album recordings and undertake promo shoots. I am always excited to hear about upcoming projects or interesting opportunities and offer great deals for new artists and I would love to hear from you!