The Flourish Framework started life as a small group workshop which was originally known as “Photography for Business - How to take better photos on your smartphone" - catchy, right?! *sarcasm intended* 

The workshop was designed for creatives, makers and content creators who wanted to learn how to use a smartphone to efficiently capture high-quality images to reinforce their business brand. 

Then along came Covid…

With face-to-face workshops no longer possible, I seized the opportunity to rework the content as a self-guided online course and The Flourish Framework was born!

So why have I renamed it “The Flourish Framework”? Apart from wanting a snappier title (!) I wanted a name that highlighted the skill-building that I aim to provide with this course. Essentially, I aim to provide you with the foundations, the bare bones, the scaffolding which you can use to build your own photographic style and approach - hence “framework”. The “flourish” part of the name, as well as providing a pleasing alliteration with the word “framework”, links back to "blossom" in my business name and helps to convey the growth and knowledge that I hope you will experience throughout the course. Keep scrolling to find out more.

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The course has been created for beginners to provide a foundation in smartphone photography. Many aspects of the course can be applied to all types of photography but there is a particular emphasis on smartphone photography to ensure that you can use the techniques with the camera that you always have with you - the one in your pocket! It includes the basics of lighting and composition and provides you with advice on how to make small changes to improve your images almost immediately.

My aim is to provide you with the tools and the confidence to elevate your photographs using simple methods. To ensure that the course is accessible for as many people as possible, the only assumption I make is that you possess a smartphone! You won't need to invest in any additional equipment, although there are suggestions about how this can help if you decide to do so.

The Details

The Flourish Framework is a self-guided online course which is made available to you for 6 weeks (I'm currently investigating options to provide lifetime access). Alongside the online course, I have created a workbook which you can download, print and use to fill in your own thoughts and ideas. You will also have access to the private facebook group where you can ask for help and feedback.

To sign up for the course at the current special price of just £45 (thats a saving of £20), simply follow the link below.

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