Photobook Design

Sitting down to piece together a photobook of memories can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

The templates for many online photobook sellers are often restrictive and those that do allow you the option of creating your own templates can be confusing.

I often hear stories about people spending weeks, or even months, trying to perfect their books only to become annoyed when all of their hard work is XXXXXXX

Let me take away all of the stress and save you some valuable time by designing the book for you. All you need to do is provide the images in as high a resolution as possible. I provide a face-to-face consultation at the start of every project so that I can pinpoint exactly what you need and discuss any personal touches that you would like to include.

The first draft of your book will be uploaded to a private gallery for approval. 

Book size Softback Hardback Additional double page spread

7" x 7"

8" x 10"

12" x 12"



Not available









Business Design Services

Are you at that point where you have started your own business, settled on a business name - you may have even got so far as choosing a logo and commissioned a website.

Next comes promotion. But where to start?


Album Artwork and Graphic Design

Self-funded artists are like any other small business. If you are looking for artwork

All printers specify their own artwork guidelines and, unless you are XXXX with the lingo, then it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. Acting as a go between, I can help you perfect your artwork and ensure it is in the correct format to send directly to the printers.