It's times like these, time and time again

Times Like These : Foo Fighters


Family photoshoots are about so much more than simply having your photograph taken. The images may well be the end product but I feel it is just as important, if not more so, that the photoshoot is an experience in itself.

By getting out into nature you can spend some quality time together, have fun and build new memories. This is the reason why all of my photoshoots take place outdoors. Let's explore, climb trees, pick dandelions and play poohsticks. If you’re having fun then this will translate to the photographs and provide you with some wonderful memories to look back on.

I love how some families come back to me year after year to document the next chapter in their family story. I get to meet new additions, watch their children grow up and catch up like old friends - it's one of the many reasons why I love doing what I do! 

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