How to Get the Most from your Family Photoshoot

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One of the benefits of the last 12 months is that people have discovered a new love of the outdoors. Personally, I've always enjoyed getting out into nature and have been offering outdoor family photoshoots since I first started my business - they are one of my favourite services to offer! I realise, however, that the concept of an outdoor photoshoot is still a bit of a mystery to some people so I thought I would talk you through a typical shoot and discuss their many advantages.

What does an outdoor family photoshoot involve?

I offer outdoor photoshoots for family groups and couples. This can range from newly-engaged couples through to larger family groups of two or three individual families including grandparents. Shoots normally last around 60-90 minutes and take place in a location of your choice. I'm always happy to make suggestions for lovely places to visit if you need some guidance. The shoots are always relaxed and fun - the key is to put you at ease so you are as natural as possible in front of the camera.

Why should we book one?

Apart from having a lovely day out with those that are closest to you:

1) You get to have some fun;

2) You make some everlasting memories;

3) You will receive lots of beautiful images;

4) You ALL get to be included in the images (rather than having a phone camera roll full of photos of everyone else except you!).

Where are the best locations and when is the best time of year for a shoot?

I find this question really tricky to answer because, for me, there is no wrong answer! Everywhere is a potential location. I've run photoshoots in beautiful parklands, in bluebell woodlands, in the middle of a city, in pretty villages, next to a lake and along canals. I have even had a photoshoot take place on a farm.  

The truth is, as long as there is enough light available then there are always photographic opportunities to be found. Every location and season has something to offer. Winter offers the perfect opportunity to capture some really intimate family portraits, getting families to snuggle up in their hats and scarves. Spring brings warmer weather with the opportunity to capture blossom trees and vibrant greens. Summer is all about having fun, utilising vibrant colours, playing with (or near) water and seeking out amazing sunsets. Autumn still offers warmth with amazing colours to match. Puddle jumping and umbrella swinging are just an added incentive! 

Making the most of your photoshoot

1) Think about your outfit

With the photoshoot taking place outside, the most important thing to consider is dressing for the weather. It can be a great idea to wear layers - not only will this ensure you stay warm if it is a little chilly, it also offers extra outfit options for the pictures. Also bear in mind that you should wear an outfit that feels comfortable - you want to be able to relax during your shoot so don't wear anything that you feel self-conscious in. Busy prints should be avoided as they can look dated moving forward so the best idea is to keep it classic and simple. Finally, think about how all of the outfits will work together. Try and choose complimentary colours. 

2) Don't put too much pressure on yourself 

Photoshoots can be quite daunting for adults and children alike. Many of the people that book me say that they feel self-conscious in front of the camera. In particular, I find that they children often need a bit of time to understand what the photoshoot involves before they can truly relax. This is why I always try and make the photoshoots fun from the very start - the more relaxed you all are, the better the final photos will be. Toys and props can be helpful (and a welcome distraction if children are getting a little bored!) but very often the surroundings can always be utilised for fun games.

3) Make it into a day out

If we are meeting for a photoshoot in a beautiful location, why not turn it into a day out? Bring along a picnic to enjoy once the photoshoot is over or head to a place where you can arrange to meet friends and family afterwards. 

Hopefully that gives you a bit of insight into my outdoor family photoshoots. If you are interested in commissioning a shoot, please take a look here for more information or drop me a line.

Alternatively, if you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for a loved one, please get in touch to discuss the various options available.


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