Don't Stop Planning

April 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

With the world currently turned upside down, it may feel wrong to be making future plans. After all, no-one really knows when all of this will be over so you may be telling yourself, what's the point in planning if it all ends up being for nothing?

The fact is, it will be for something, even if that currently seems like a far off dream! If you are engaged, even if your wedding is currently postponed or on hold, you know that you want to get married and that time will be here sooner than you know it! So here are a few reasons why you should continue planning your wedding and my top tips as to how you can approach your planning during the current global crisis.

Use your planning as a sense of escape

I've been guilty of wanting to bury my head in the sand myself over the last few weeks! But one thing that has kept me occupied is seeking out moments of joy - whether that's silly youtube videos or following the daily updates on the Innocent facebook page! Why don't you allow yourself the chance to get lost in all of the prettiness and inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest? There's never going to be a better time to get lost exploring all things wedding - from the weird to the wonderful - who knows what you might stumble across!

Use this time to make joint decisions

Are you currently in lockdown with your other half? This may be the perfect opportunity for you to have some meaningful conversations about what you both want out of your wedding day. With the urgency of making decisions taken away, you can actually take your time and work out what is really important to you both. Let's face it, you aren't likely to get this much time together again before your big day! 

There's no better time to contact potential suppliers

You have lots of extra time on your hands and, guess what, so do your suppliers! For the next couple of months at the very least, most wedding suppliers are on pause. Their upcoming weddings have all been postponed so the majority of them will be spending time on admin, spring cleaning their websites, posting to social media etc... There will be no better time to contact them than now and perhaps even arrange a virtual consultation! Believe me, once everything starts getting back to normal the vast majority of them will be so busy with postponed weddings that it might be very difficult to pin them down!

Dates are going to start going SUPER fast

Many weddings that were due to take place this summer have already been postponed until the Autumn/Winter.  Some couples are even opting to postpone until 2021. As a consequence, dates for next year are already starting to fill up much faster than normal. If you have a specific date in mind, or if you have booked your venue but no other suppliers, then my advice would be to start making enquiries asap.

It costs nothing to make an enquiry

I understand cash flow may be an issue at the moment. People are understandably being cautious about spending their money but it doesn't cost anything to make an enquiry. At the very least it will give you an idea of whether your favourite suppliers do have availability or not. On the flip side, if you do have a steady income then you might want to consider supporting small businesses by paying for some booking fees now so that you can spread out the cost. 

Throw yourself in Social Media

If all of this sounds too much to think about at the moment (I get it - planning a wedding can be emotional at the best of times, let alone during a global crisis!) then why not simply throw yourself into social media and start following some local venues and suppliers. Many suppliers are using this time to share some really great advice and also lots of inspirational images. You don't have to interact with them at all if you don't want to but you will start to narrow down the suppliers that you really love and connect with so that you know who will be top of your "must contact" list when you are ready.

Be kind to yourself and reach out for help

There are no rules here. Don't put the pressure on yourself to do anything if you don't feel like it. You're allowed to have days of utter despair when you feel that all of your plans are crumbling around you. But, for every bad day, there are many more amazing days to come. Don't be afraid to reach out to suppliers for advice or even just to have a rant! There are no silly questions and if we can put your mind at rest with a simple email or Facebook message then we're more than happy to do so!


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