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31 Themes in 31 Days - The August Photo Quest

July 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I've been lacking a bit of inspiration recently. I spend so much time taking photographs for other people that I am starting to feel a little uninspired with my own personal photography. For this reason, on the first of August, I have decided to embark on a photo quest and I would love for you to join me in my adventure. 

What is a Photo Quest?

It is a photographic scavenger hunt. I have put together a series of 31 themes, one for every day of August, and the challenge will be to photograph something on that day to fit the assigned theme. I have called it a quest because it will involve a search for specific images rather than simply being a generic "photo a day" challenge.

I'd like to take part - how do I sign up?

Fantastic! There are nearly 40 people signed up to take part already which should make it a fun and supportive exercise. To join us, please sign up using this link.

Are there any rules?

I want this to be a fun challenge but, yes, there are one or two rules. First and foremost, photos must be taken on the same day as the challenge i.e. you cannot post "that great shot from my holiday that I took 6 months ago". This is the key point of the quest - it is meant to get you thinking, inspire and challenge you. There really is no point in taking part if all you do is go back through your archive.

How do I share my photos and see how everyone else has interpreted the theme?

Adventures like this are so much better when they are shared. Everyone likes to receive nice comments on their images - even more so if it has been difficult to fulfil the challenge that day. Sign up via this link to receive updates about the challenge and then share your photos with the Copper & Blossom photography community - share your progress, share your enthusiasm and support others who are in the same boat.

Can I share my photos on Instagram?

Absolutely! Just be sure to #hashtag your images so everyone else can find them. The specific hashtag for the quest will be #photoquest18



Below you will find the August Photo Quest challenge list. Take a look and get your thinking cap on. I have deliberately included subjects that are open to interpretation and also a few phrases which hopefully won't take too much brain power (we all need an easy day every now and then!).



Each day, a new daily challenge photo album will be created on the Facebook community page. Please upload your images to the relevant album and take the time to like and comment on other peoples photos. Keep an eye out too for everyones photos on Instagram under the hashtag #photoquest18

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Don't forget to have fun and experiment. Take a look at the list above and start thinking about which themes you can use to push yourself to try something new. Maybe it’s a technique that you would like to try out or a different location that you would like to visit.

I'll see you over on Facebook...


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