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Fringe Arts Bath Photomarathon 2018

May 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Tonight marks the opening night of this years Fringe Arts Bath festival and I'm happy to say that I will have a few photographs on display! I will very proudly have 20 images up on the walls of one of the galleries alongside a number of other keen photographers as we all took part in the Bath photo marathon earlier this month.

It isn't a marathon in the literal sense - you aren't expected to run 26 miles whilst taking photographs! Described as a "psycho-geographical ramble through the streets of Bath", what you are expected to do, is to photograph 20 different themes.

"Entry number"

"Over the top"

But theres a catch - the 20 themes need to be photographed in order and you can only submit one photograph for each theme. That means, of course, that if you stumble across a photographic opportunity which perfectly fits theme number 2 but you have already photographed the first 6 themes, you are faced with the dilemma of photographing the perfect scene and redoing the subsequent themes, or ignoring it and moving on! 



Some themes are very broad and easy to think of ideas for. Other themes are tricky and you may find yourself wandering aimlessly for inspiration! The trick is to pace yourself (just like a real marathon), think ahead and plan ideas for each of the themes.

"Black and White" "Framed"
"Pink" "Flat"

The day starts at 10am when you are required to register. You are then provided with the list of the first 10 themes which you can make a start on photographing. The second set of 10 themes is provided at a designated meet-up point mid-way through the day. However, in order to receive the second set of themes, you are required to hand in your list from the morning describing the photographs you have taken for the first 10 themes. That means, once you hand in your list, you can no longer change your mind on the photos for the first 10 themes.

"Want it"


For some reason, I found it really difficult this year. I just couldn't seem to think "outside of the box" for any of the themes! For a handful of the themes I knew exactly what I wanted to capture - it was then a case of hunting it down. Then, for other themes, it really was a case of "that will do". Having undertaken the marathon a few years previously, I knew what a long and tiring day it could quite easily become and I was adamant that I wanted to enjoy the day - if that had to come at the expense of the "perfect" image then so be it!

"Snap" "Charity"
"Sharp" "Self-Portrait"

Despite being a tiring day, It is always fun. Wandering the streets you often bump into other attendees and wonder what they are currently photographing. It also sparks interesting conversations with passers-by or shop workers when you ask their permission to photograph an item in the window!



It was lovely to be able to spend the day in the company of some great friends too. We met up at the start and took selfies, we went for brunch, we stopped for coffee, cake and the occasional pint and, with the weather being so lovely, we generally had a fun day out in Bath!

"Love" "Shape"
"Rocker" "The End"

Once we had reached the final destination - The Bell on Walcot Street - we sat down to assess the day with a well-earned pint in hand. I managed to cover a distance of 9 miles - not bad for "taking it easy"!

As I mentioned above, all of the photographs taken by the participants have been printed and will be on display from 6pm Friday 25th May until 10th June at FaB 1, 94-96 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BG. 


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