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Business Headshots

April 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Last week I was joined by four amazing business women for an outdoor headshot session in Corsham.

Despite the days in the run-up to the session being plagued by terrible weather, the forecast was dry for the day. I decided to go ahead with the session and then kept my fingers tightly crossed that the weather forecast was correct. Luckily, it was!

Natalie Sherman, from Naturally Social, was the first to join me for her shoot. Natalie is currently flying high with her social media business, having been featured as one of last years Small Business 100 and recently being featured as one of the 42 entrepreneurs under 42 you should be watching right now!

Next to join me was Emma Morley. Having recently relocated to Wiltshire, Emma runs Executive Relocation Plus Ltd, a successful relocation business which specialises in boutique properties and aims to make relocating to a new city as stress-free as possible.

Maggie Russell from Purple Bookkeeping also joined me for some headshots. Dressed head to toe in her corporate colours, we couldn't help but be drawn to colourful backgrounds that would complement the purple colours.

Finally, I was joined by Nicki Kinton from NK Credit Consultancy. Nicki is the go-to person if you are having trouble getting paid on time - she will chase up on unpaid invoices and can also give you a helping hand in setting your payment terms-and-conditions from the outset.

I have to admit, I had organised the day as a bit of a trial run. Firstly, I didn't know if there would be enough interest amongst my business acquaintances for the day to be successful. Also, as this was the first time I had run a day like this, I needed to determine whether the session times were long enough, whether we would be able to capture enough different types of image for each person and also, whether I had given myself enough time between sessions to prepare for the next.

I naively assumed that I would have time during the day to download the images from each session, perhaps even fit in a cup of coffee here and there. How wrong was I? Despite not really having enough time between sessions to have a sit down, the day actually ran really well - as soon as we had wrapped up one session, the next person was arriving and eager to make a start.

I will definitely be running another headshot day so if you would be interested in hearing more, please drop me a line.


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