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Week 5 - Struggling to find a Rhythm

November 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Lets just start with this - this week has been a bit of a struggle. I seem to have found it nearly impossible to settle into a rhythm. Having additional time to play around with has meant that I have started lots of other little tasks so I feel like I am juggling just as much as I was before! It hasn't helped that the girls are back at school this week. Even though it's possible for me to have a steady 6 hours in the office Mon-Weds I find that leaving to do the school run is impacting my productivity. It shouldn't but I am struggling to get into the rhythm of a routine. I don't really have an excuse other than not really allowing myself to focus. I'm letting my mind meander too much - I do a little bit of one task then get distracted by an email, start another task and then realise I have something else to finish by that evening - and so it goes on! This week I've been stalking the high-street in search of props for upcoming shoots and before I know it, the morning has disappeared. 

Other tings that have taken up my time this week - Halloween and Bonfire Night! I spent one night trick-or-treating plus prepping and hosting a Halloween party for my neices and their friends. I have to admit, I'm not really a huge fan of Halloween but the girls love it which is why I don't mind making a bit of an effort. I also spent two nights out watching the Fireworks - definitely much more enjoyable from my point of view! Strangely enough I left my camera behind both times and I'm now a little sad that I don't have any photos to share! 

With the week seeming to be a bit of a write-off I am glad to say that on Thursday I finally had a good, productive day in the office. I got off to a flying start by attending a networking meeting first thing in the morning. Back in the office I finished editing a couple of photoshoots and also managed to tie-up some bits of admin. In the evening I attended our fortnightly mastermind meeting and actually arrived feeling very prepared with a long list of accomplishments.

Saturday was spent shooting one of the last weddings of the year (only two more to go) with Sunday spent in the office backing up all of the photos and also meeting a lovely couple who came in to chat about wedding photography. 

Reviews on my Facebook page seem to have come in rather quickly over the last few weeks. I hadn't had any for months and then three appear in as many weeks. This week it was from the lovely Emma:

Always very professional, couldn't ask for a nicer person to take your pictures, great images. You couldn't ask for more.

How am I getting on with last weeks aims? Well I haven't gone out to buy lunch once! I've managed to bring it with me, even if it meant delaying leaving the house by 10 minutes. Soup has been great. Also, quick salads. The best one so far? Giant couscous, baby-leaf spinach, feta cubes and pomegranate seeds! Super easy, super filling and super tasty! As for the editing - well, it's progressing - that's probably about the best I can say!

Lessons learned:

I am spending too long trying to please everyone. I am trying to finish editing photos, reply to emails, order prints, prep for shoots, design books...  etc, etc and all I am succeeding in doing is make a little bit of progress on lots of different tasks. It's not productive. I need to have one or two main focusses each day and stick to them and if that means switching off my emails for a few hours so I don't get distracted then so be it. 

Aims for next week:

Focus, focus focus! Create a time plan for each day and concentrate on a couple of tasks at a time.

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