Walk For Glo - Day 5

March 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It seems like an absolute age since I met up with the team from the Gloria Brimson Foundation down in Plymouth for the start of their 130 mile walk back to Bristol. In reality, it has only been a few days and yesterday I headed into Bristol to catch up with them during the last five miles of their walk. Meeting them at Ashton Gate Stadium the plan was to walk from there to the Memorial Stadium. Along the way we gathered a number of other supporters, finally meeting up with a big group of people at the Bear Pit in central Bristol to walk the last 2 miles.

I knew it was going to be emotional but I couldn't prepare myself for quite how emotional it would end up being. With family members making surprise appearances and the physical endurance of the week taking its toll, there were lots and lots of tears!

This morning the team were successful in reaching their target of raising £10,000. Of course, the more they raise, the more they can help so please head over to Mark's fundraising page if you would like to make a donation. 

I am so pleased and humbled to have been able to contribute a small part to their amazing journey. Here are a few photos that will hopefully give a bit of an insight into those last few miles.



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